#WhoIsResponsible: The Novel COVID-19 Pandemic

Few weeks back everything was normal, people were roaming on the streets, going to offices daily, students were going to schools and colleges, people were shopping, hanging out and chilling with their friends and families. The summer vacation was about to come and people were still planning their vacation destination for this year and then came the novel virus which ruined the normal day to day life globally.

Around one third of the global population is under stringent lock-down inside their houses to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak. Countries like India, China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, and the UK have imposed some or the other form of restrictions over their nations. India, that comprises of about one-fifth of the world’s total population, is under 21 days total lock-down as ordered by the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

Currently there are more than 6.95 lac active cases around the globe with around 47 thousand deaths all over the world due to this virus. China being the origin country of the COVID-19 virus, has reported more than 81 thousand cases till date with more than 3 thousand deaths. The Unites States Of America, currently the epicenter for the coronavirus, has more than 2 lac 15 thousand active cases infected by this Wuhan originated virus and reported more than 5 thousand deaths till date. The numbers for active cases and deaths are still increasing every day. 

All the educational institutions including school and colleges have shut down indefinitely to prevent the spread of this pandemic. All the competitive and qualifying exams that are conducted every year in the month of March and April have been postponed. Who is going to be responsible for this delay?

The lock-down is expected to devastate the World's economy including India. The International and domestic travels have been restricted which will have direct impact on the foreign trade. The E-commerce industry is also affected as they have to suspend their normal deliveries. All the local shops other than the ones that supplies essential products have been closed under total lock-down. This has direct effect on the economy. Who is responsible for this economic crisis?

In this miserable situation of the world, the major sufferers will be the poor people who daily earn and support their living. They are striving for their basic needs. Who is responsible for their sufferings?

Coronavirues affected Countries
Coronavirus has killed the loved ones of many families and the death toll is increasing with each passing day. Who is responsible for these loss of lives of many innocent people?

This has not stopped here. We don't know for how long this will be continuing, for how long people have to remain locked inside their houses, when the virus will stop its action of infecting more and more people, how long the war against coronavirus will continue and how long the world is going to suffer.

As the whole world is under the fear of this novel virus, who is responsible for this condition of the world right now? Shouldn't we need to think over this serious issue that has major impact on our daily lives???

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