Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak, The Ozone Layer Is Healing Itself!

As the world is fighting with the novel coronavirus outbreak, there is one good news that the Earth's Ozone Layer above the Antartica has started to heal by itself.

The ozone layer surrounding the earth surface is responsible for maintaining the earth's climatic conditions and the normal ocean currents. It also helps to absorb the harmful Ultraviolet rays radiated from the sun and prevents them to come directly to the earth surface. 
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However, from past few decades, due to human activities the ozone layer above the Antartica was getting depleted and becoming thinner,  at a faster rate, causing the imbalance in the Earth's climatic condition. Without the ozone layer, no one can survive on the Earth's surface. 

Recent study shows that the ozone layer has begun to recover. The credit for this recovery goes to the Montreal Treaty, which was signed in 1987 by various countries in order to stop the use of harmful chemicals that causes the depletion of ozone layer. These comprises of the Ozone Depleting substances(ODS) like Clorofluorocarbons or CFC's that are emitted from the refrigerators and air conditioners, etc. and has the capability to destroy the ozone layer.

Global warming is the adverse effcet of the ozone layer depletion only. Increase in the Carbon emission is another problem that we need to deal with, in order to protect the Ozone Layer in future.

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