Record break 12.5 billion tons of ice lost in Greenland in one day..

On Thursday, August 01, 2019, Greenland, the world's largest island, experienced the record breaking 12.5 billion tons and approximately 56 percent of it's ice meltdown in a single day. This is because of the heatwave that smashed high temperature records in five European countries,  Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Britain. This is the highest single-day ice  melt since 1950.

Greenland, situated between the Atlantic and the Artic Ocean, has 82 percent of its surface covered with ice. According to Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist in Danish Meteorological Institute,cthe rate at which its ice is melting is growing daily. On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, more than 10 billion tons if ice was list to the ocean. The global sea level has rised to half a millimeter.

According to Snow and Ice Data Center scientist, Twila Moon, this is the effect of the man-made climate changes, which has a potential of becoming more common in 50 years from now. Due to the rise in global temperature, the frequency and the intensity of the heatwaves has increased 10 times than a century ago.


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