World's highest Mountain Mount Everest has became 'World's highest garbage dump'

Every year, hundreds of mountaineers and climbers comes to Nepal to make a record of climbing the world's highest mountain- Mount Everest. Some become successful and some not. But the problem is the tons of garbage and human waste that they leave behind. This has made the Mount Everest as the 'World's highest garbage dump'.

This year an estimated 700 climbers and guides came for the climbing season. This is the highest number in records till 2015. According to the Times of India, during a 45-day cleanup activity, 24,200 pounds(approx 11000 kgs)  garbage were pulled off the mountain. This includes empty oxygen cylinders, plastic bottles, cans, batteries, food wrappings, fecal matter, abandoned tents and kitchen wastes.

The ethnic Sherpas works on the government's cleanup drive every year to clean the trash. Dawa Steven Sherpa,  a leading figure in the campaign to clean Mount Everest from the past 12 years, said, "It took us an hour to dig just one tent out of the frozen ice and bring it down." According to him, bringing the tents and trash down is a herculean task when any misstep at such altitudes could be fatal. It is impossible to estimate exactly how much trash is spread across Everest due to the snow. It only becomes visible when the snow melts.

This year under the cleanup drive, the government and non-government agencies, along with a dedicated Sherpa team, brought the litter down and also removed four dead bodies from the roof of the mountain. The items were segregated in different categories such as plastic, glass, iron, aluminium and textile, then processed and recycled as raw materials for various products.

The glass products from the trash will be converted to trendy and useful products for homes, offices, restaurants and hotels, to sell them online. This will serve as a source of earning to the local mens and womens in Nepal.

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