Wild Bees are hinting at the extent of plastic pollution by building plastic nests

Plastic pollution is adversely affecting the Earth's Environment. as most of the plastics are not degradable they are getting piled up in the environment all over the world. These have harmful effects on the wildlife also. There are few animals like hermit crabs and bowerbirds which recycles the plastic in the environment.

According to the 2014 study in Canada, wild bees are using bits of plastic waste to build their nests. The researchers found two species of leafcutter bees that uses plastic for their nests. In their study, they found a species of bee, alfalfa that bites off pieces of leaves and flowers to make its nests. But they found three of eight brood cells contained fragments of polyethylene plastic bags in their nests.

Another study was conducted between 2017 and 2018 by the Argentina's National Agricultural Technology Institute. The researchers found a nest totally made of plastic. According to theie study published in the journal Apidologie, the bee that made the nests are alfafa leaf-cutting bees.

According to the study, plastic can have both advantages and disadvantages in bee's nests. Still it has not been clear as why the leafcutter bees are using plastic for their nests. Looking at the current scenario where the plastics are continuously piling in the environment, this might come up as a small contribution to recycle plastic in the ecosystem.

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