Fourth of July : The USA Independence Day

The USA celebrates the Independence day on July 04, commonly known as the 'Fourth of July'. It is National Holiday of the USA. During the second year of the American Revolutionary War, in July 1776, representatives from 13 North American colonies of the kingdom of Great Britain voted to declare themselves independent from the crown and formed the United States of America. Two days after the historic vote, on 4 July 1776, the Declaration of Independence from the Great Britain was signed.

Prior to the American Revolutionary War which began in April 1775, the British were treating the American colonists as enemies and rebels. They demanded the Independence and hence on July 02, 1776, they publicly broke their bonds with the mother country and its King, George III. But the Americans does not celebrate this day on July 02, rather they chose July 04, the day when Congressmen signed the finished version of the Declaration of Independence.

Today after more than 240 years of Independence, the Americans still celebrates the day with the same enthusiasm. The day is celebrated in all sorts of ways across the United States. The celebration includes barbeque, beer, plenty of fireworks, etc. Around 15,000 fireworks displays will take place for the Fourth of July holiday, as per the American Pyrotechnics Association.

The Americans spends big on food and drinks on this day. There is tradition of eating salmon(a ray-finned fish) on the fourth of July in New England. Parades are organized by different schools, colleges, Organizationa, etc.

On Monday, the US President Donald Trump shared his plans for the fourth of July saying, "We're going to have a great Fourth of July in Washington DC. It will be like no other, and it is special, and I hope a lot of people come." This year there will be fighter jets, tanks, rally and the biggest fireworks display.

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