Commonwealth Games 2022:India warned to boycott

India has warned to boycott the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham to protest the exclusion of shooting and archery from the Games' programme. Instead of shooting and archery, three new games, women's T20 cricket, para table tennis and beach volleyball are going to be the part of 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Game is an international multi-sport event which is held every four years. Athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations, that includes 53 members, participates in the event. The event was first held in 1930. The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is the international organisation responsible for the direction and control of the Commonwealth Games.

2018 Commonwealth Games event was hosted by Australia. India got 16 medals in shooting of which seven were Gold medals. Archery was part of the Commonwealth for only two times, one was in 2010 when India hosted the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. In 2010, India won 8 medals including 3 Gold medals. Shooting and Archery are the source of Gold medals for India. If both the games are pulled out of the event then India will rank lower in the Medal's tally. In 2018, India was placed third (66 medals), behind leaders Australia (198) and England (136). 

Indian Olympic Association's (IOA) secretary general, Rajeev Mehta has warned to the CGF members, who are meeting next month, to ratify their decision. The CGF's executive board on Thursday,  recommended dropping of shooting and archery from the 2022 edition and  approved the inclusion of women's T20 cricket, para table tennis and beach volleyball. This decision is to be ratified by 51 percent of the CGF's members.

If India boycotts 2022 Commonwealth Games event, it will be a huge loss for other athletes who have been practicing to participate in the event, as this is the stepping stone for them to the Olympics.

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