World's first Malaria Vaccine : Know about its use

Malaria is an infectious mosquito-borne blood disease due to which More than one million people die every year, among them are mostly the children's under five years of age. To control these numbers, a large-scale pilot project was initiated by the World Health Organization(WHO).

According to WHO, under this project now 360,000 children in Africa will receive the World's first malaria vaccine. Malawi has started to give vaccination to the children's under 2 years of age.

According to WHO, this vaccine will partially protect from malaria, as it prevented approximately 4 in 10 Malaria cases. The vaccination will be given in four doses: three doses between 5 months and 9 months of age and the fourth dose around the 2 years of age.

Till now, the only available vaccine was RTS-S, known as Mosquirix. This vaccine also has four vaccination stages.

Hope by this newly developed vaccine, Malaria cases can be controlled and prevented and the lives of the small children can be saved.

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