Election news: General Election 2019 Analysis

After seven phases of voting rounds, recent results of the General Election has been declared. For the next five years, Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) will run the Government of India. Like in 2014, this time also, Mr. Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister of India. For the majority, 272 seats were required by any Party. BJP has won this election by full majority securing 303 seats all over India. 

There are 900 million registered voters in India, which is three times greater than the US. The turnout for 2019(voters who cast their vote) is 67.1%, which is greater by 0.7% in 2014 and us highest in the history of Indian General Elections. This turnout is greater than the turnout of Pakistan General Election in 2018(51.6%) and the US Presidential Election in 2016(55.7%). This proves that people in India have started to follow democracy wisely.

Narendra Modi has become the third politician in India who has become the successive Prime Minister for the second term with full majority. The first two politicians who were the successive Prime Minister for the second term in the history with the full majority were Indira Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

The biggest competitor, the Indian National Congress has secured only 52 seats. To become the official Opposition Party in the Lok Sabha, a party must win 10% of the total seats i.e. 55 seats. Congress has failed to become the opposition party once again and hence, India will remain without a strong opposition party. 

Apart from this, there will be no Leader of Opposition also. The Leader of Opposition leads the official Opposition Party in either of the House of the Parliament of India(Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha). He/she has the greatest numerical strength and is recognized by the Chairman of Rajya Sabha or the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. 

The duties of the Opposition Party is to keep an eye on the ruling Government work, to prevent any improper decision, to prevent corruption, etc. The opinion of the leader of Opposition plays an important role if the certain committee needs to be formed. Since we do not have a strong opposition Party we will not have a Leader of Opposition for this term also. Till now, Sushma Swaraj was the last Leader of Opposition from BJP when Congress government was the ruling Party for the term 2009-2014. Having no Opposition Party is not good for a healthy Democracy. A ruling party with full majority in the absence of Opposition Party could take any decision that involves high risk.

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