Cyclone Fani : Know about the Strongest cyclone of India

Fani is a tropical cyclone which is the strongest cyclone of India in 20 years. This is the first extremely severe cyclonic storm of 2019. It has a speed of 200 kmph(kilo meter per hour). Indian Meteorological Department has categorised Fani as a category four storm on the scale of one to five. This cyclone has gained popularity because it started to form in the month of April which has seen very few cyclones categorized as extremely severe in this month.

It was formed in the Eastern region near the equator and was predicted to hit Tamil Nadu by the experts. Later it gained moisture and its wind speed was increased changing its course from Tamil Nadu towards North. It has majorly affected the state of Orissa. It has caused severe destruction in Puri and lakhs of people have been evacuated from this region.

It has been projected that Fani will proceed towards north hitting West Bengal and Bangladesh in few days but with lesser wind speed as compared to its initial destructive speed.

This cyclone's name has been suggested as 'Fani' by the Bangladesh. There is an agreement between eight countries, viz. Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Srilanka, Thailand, for naming the cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea on a rotational basis. 'Fani' pronounced as 'Foni' means 'Hood of snake'.

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