Captain Aarohi Pandit: World's first Woman to cross Atlantic Ocean solo in Light Sports Aircraft


As rightly said by someone, Captain Aarohi Pandit has proved this right. A 23 years old girl from Borivali, Mumbai, Aarohi Pandit, has become the world’s first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). 

She achieved this triumph by landing at Iqaluit Airport in Canada on midnight Monday-Tuesday (May 13-14). She started her journey from Wick in the UK and covered a grueling 3,000 km long flight, under adverse and extreme weather conditions. In her journey, she took stops at Iceland and Greenland. With this, she also became the first female pilot in the world to successfully complete a solo flight across the Greenland ice cap in an LSA.

Aarohi is flying around the globe as a part of the Women Empower Expedition(WE). This expedition is an all-women team travel around the globe by LSA. Aarohi commenced her journey for an expedition in July 2018 with her fellow Keithair Misquitta. They both flew across Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujarat in India. Later they went to Pakistan which was the first civilian LSA flight to land in the neighboring country since 1947. Later they crossed Iran, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, France, and the UK.

For the expedition, Aarohi has undertaken seven months rigorous and painstaking training. She has been trained for extreme weather, oceanic and high-altitude flying. She also practiced various physical and mental exercises to prepare herself for flying solo over difficult terrain and in tough conditions.

Aarohi and her fellow Keithair flew the tiny aircraft 'Mahi' from India. It is a single-engine Sinus 912 weighing a little of 400 kg or nearly equivalent to a Bullet motorcycle. It is manufactured by Pipistrel of Slovenia and is also the first LSA registered by Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) India.

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