Blue Moon Project : Mission by Amazon founder,Jeffrey Bezos

Jeffrey Bezos is a founder and CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin. Blue Origin is an aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company. Jeff announced at a presentation in Washington on Thursday, 09 May 2019 that he has planned a mission to the moon to transport equipment, and possibly human beings, to the south pole of the Moon.

Jeff did not announce any specific date for the project launch but said that the project will be started in time to accomplish the timeline announced by President Donald Trump to return people to the Moon by 2024.

At the event, he showed the mock-up of the huge vehicle that will carry the equipment to the Moon. The vehicle was under development from the past three years and is capable of carrying four rovers to the moon.

The aim of the mission is to land on the Moon's South pole where ice deposits were confirmed in 2018. The primary problem of the spacecraft is the fuel.  These ice molecules can be used to produce hydrogen, which in turn could fuel future exploration of the solar system. The National  Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is planning to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon in the future. This could be helpful to NASA's Moon-To-Mars mission as ten times lesser fuel would be required on Moon than the earth for launching the project. 

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