A great initiative by Zomato!

Despite being not able to walk, Ramu Sahu is working as a delivery agent for Zomato, a food delivery service app. He delivers the food to the customers with the help of his manual wheelchair cycle. Recently, the video of him on his wheelchair cycle while delivering the food, went viral on Twitter. To appreciate the efforts of Ramu for food delivery, Zomato has given him an electrical vehicle to help him to deliver the food more conveniently.

On May 28, 2019, the founder of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal has shared the pictures and videos of Ramu with his new electric vehicle. Ramu is a resident of Beawar in Rajasthan, India. This surprise from Zomato to its delivery agent is winning heart over the internet.

A picture of Ramu with the caption, "we are grateful that he is a part of our Delivery Universe." was Shared on twitter and is see appreciated by many people on Twitter.

Ramu is an inspiration to the world, the way he beat the obstacles in his life !!

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