World Liver Day 2019: Lets take an oath to take care of our Liver..

Liver is one of the most important organ of the digestive system of our body, located in the right upper part of the abdomen. Its main function is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body. It removes the harmful toxins from the body, regulates blood pressure, fights with the infection in the body and helps in digestion. Hence, it is important to take care of our liver by having healthy lifestyle and controlled weight.

Every year April 19 is observed as the World's Liver Day to spread the awareness and understanding about the importance of liver in the human body.

According to World Health Organization, the 10th most common causes of death in India are Liver diseases.

The top causes of liver diseases are unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol consumption, junk and fast food, smoking, etc. Hepatatis A, B and C viruses spreaded through contaminated food or water, a person who is already infected with the disease, etc. causes Liver diseases. It can be caused due to the genes inherited from either of the parents. Obese and diabetic persons are more likely to get infected with liver diseases.

To prevent ourselves from the liver diseases we must protect ourselves from the unhealthy lifestyle and the weight gain. We should consume healthy food, take ample of sleep and should exercise regularly. We should take vaccines for protecting ourselves from Hepatitis A, B and C viruses. We should not consume alcohol and should not smoke as they are one of the most common causes of liver infections.

Love your Liver to Live Long..!!!

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