India's Tirupati Station is now gold rated station in the country!!

The Tirupati Railway Station in Andhra Pradesh of India is awarded gold rating by the Indian Green Building Council(IGBC). The place is famous for Tirupati Balaji Temple situated in the hill town of Tirumala. Daily around 50,000 to 100,000 pilgrims visits the temple. To provide best facilities to the pilgrims visiting the temple, the Tirupati Station is redeveloped under the Railway Station beautification drive by the Railway Ministry.

The IGBC along with the Environmental Directorate of the Indian Railways, has started the rating system for the green railway station. Their aim is to encourage the adoption of green concepts and thereby reducing its carbon footprints and adverse impact on the environment. The parameters for rating system are water conservation, waste management, energy efficiency and fossil fuel usage, passengers safety, ventilation system, station indoor environment, etc.

The Tirupati Station is now well equipped with many modern facilities for the passengers. These includes lifts, footover bridges and escallators, drinking water system, wheel chairs, LED lights. It has seven RO water vending machines, separate collection of wet and dry waste on all platforms. Tirupati Railway Station has adopted several eco-friendly measures including a solid waste management plan, plastic-free environment, good indoor ventilation.

In the past few months, several stations across the railway network have been redeveloped and revamped under Railway Ministry’s station redevelopment and beautification initiative. This included New Delhi Railway Station, Tirupati Railway Station, Lonavala Railway Station, etc.

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