Happy World Earth Day 2019!!!

Every year April 22 is observed as 'World Earth Day' to spread awareness for the increasing problems of air, water and noise pollution to protect our Mother Earth. Earth day 2019 occurs on Monday, April 22. We all are aware about the growing global warming effects day by day which is disturbing the nature'a cycle. This day reminds us that Earth providea us with life. Hence to save the environment for our future generation we should step forward on this day.

Earth day was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 as a day to educate people about the various environmental issues that we are facing today. Today more than 193 countries celebrates this day. 

This year, Earth Day 2019 theme is to 'Protect Our Species'.

People worldwide organize different outdoor activity to extemd their support in global cause towards protecting the environment. These includes planting trees, cleaning the roadside garbages, promoting recycling and conservation messages through different programs, etc.

Google is celebrating the Earth Day by dedicating today's  google doodle to the Mother Earth depicting 2019 theme - Protect Our Species. The doodle highlights the importance of six organisms which are Wandering Albatross, Coastal Redwood, Paedophryne Amauensis, Amazon Water Lily, Coelacanth and Deep Cave Springtail.

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