Global Warming:A reason for increasing temperature year on year

We all are aware that the temperature on the earth is rising day by day. The effects are fully visible to us. The temperature is crossing almost 50° F in most of the areas. The reason behind this is 'Global Warming' or the climate changes.

What is Global Warming ?

Global Warming is the result of the increase in the concentration of Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. The level of CO2 increase is due to the burning of Fossil fuels, clearing of jungles, releasing harmful gases like chloro fluoro carbon into the atmosphere, etc. 
Carbon dioxide is known as the greenhouse gas which behaves as a glass layer preventing the release of such harmful gases thereby increasing the temperature level globally. This temperature rise increases the intensity of storms. It also causes alterations in wind flows which leads to the greater extremes of weather colder, hotter, dryer and wetter.


Global Warming has serious diverse effects on the physical environment, biosphere, social systems.

  • Artic sea ice is declining as a result of which sea level is rising due to melting of glaciers.
  • Extreme weather changes like cyclones, droughts, heat waves, etc. appears with increased frequency. It coyld also lead to landslides and volcanic activities.
  • The increase in the atmospheric CO2 has led to the increase in the dissolve level of CO2 in the ocean water which is causing ocean acidification. It has adverse effects on the sea creatures like coral reef, different species of fishes, etc.
  • Climate changes are resulting into the extinction of many species of the ecosystem like bees, polar bears, coral reefs, etc.
  • The effects of climate changes are negative on the human health. It could lead to injury and loss of life.

How to overcome this?

We cannot completely overcome this serious issue of climate change but yes we can definitely prevent the situation from becoming worst in future. We can cut down on fossil fuel use by adopting use of biogas, CNG, etc. We should stop destroying trees and the jungles and plant more trees to control the CO2 level in our atmosphere. We can Increase use of nuclear power, solar power and wind power.

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