Do you love to workout in the Gym or planning to Start? Keep these things in mind..

Everyone in today's world is a fitness freak. Whenever we think of fitness, the very first thing that comes to our mind is 'Gym'. Whether you want to lose your weight or want to maintain your physique gym helps to achieve your desired goals of being fit for a healthier life.

But as we know, every coin has two sides, the gym is no exception to this. Excessive workout in the beginning, not doing carefully as well as correctly and not giving rest to your body can lead to the adverse effects of the gym. If you are also doing the same thing, try to avoid below adverse effects of gyming :

1. Avoid injuries

When you start to work out in a gym, you have to bring yourself out of your comfort zone and workout beyond your physical capabilities. It is good if you are pushing yourself but don't go far beyond your capability, as it might cause severe injuries.

2. Avoid addiction

When you start going to the gym regularly, you become addicted to it. For any reason, if you stop going to the gym for a few days, you will start feeling tense, uncomfortable, anxious or even depressed, as your body undergoes changes against your wish.

3. Avoid damage to your heart

Exercise like cardio can increase the risk of heart problem to seven times, as these kinds of exercise increase the pressure on the heart. You should constantly check your heart rate while gyming.
4. Avoid Diet Variation
Due to heavy exercise in the gym regularly, you feel hungry frequently and hence you can't resist yourself from eating food that may contain more calories, which may result in increasing your weight. To avoid such imbalance in your diet check your food intake and avoid food that contains more calories.
5. Don't feel Inferior
There are people that suffer from a mental disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder(BDD), that makes them feel they have flaws in their body and appearance, hence they desire to achieve the flawless perfect body. In order to achieve a perfect body, they do excessive workout day in day out. You should exercise to make yourself feel good, happy and satisfied.

You should 'know' your body, to 'grow' your body.

Happyy Gyming !!

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