A step towards making India a Global Software Product Hub

Today in India every common man has a
smartphone, which operates on a different kind of operating system and has many different applications. These operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, etc. and different applications like whatsapp, facebook, etc. are owned by the foreign based companies. This makes India a net importer of such Software Products at present. In order to develop India as the global Software Product Hub, the Government of India has approved the National Policy on Software Products - 2019.

The National Policy on Software Products - 2019 has been approved by the Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on Thursday, February 28, 2019. The aim of this policy is to develop India as a Software Product Nation. This policy is driven by innovation, sustainable Intellectual Property (IP), improved commercialization which will promote technology start-ups in the country.

The policy aims at the five dimensional missions : 
  • To raise 10,000 Start-ups in the Software Product Industry in Tier-II and Tier -III cities. This will generate employment for about 35 lakh people by 2025.
  • To boost the Indian Software Product Industry through sustainable Intellectual Property (IP). This will lead to increase the share of India by 10 times in the Global Software Product Market by 2025.
  • To create talent group for Software Product Industry through up-skilling of 1,000,000 IT professionals,  inspiring 100,000 school and college students and motivating 10,000 specialized professionals to provide leadership.
  • To create a cluster-based innovation-driven ecosystem by developing 20 sectoral and strategically located software product development clusters.
  • To implement this policy, the National Software Products Mission will be set up with participation from Government, Academia and Industry.

The investment of Rs. 1500 crores has been approved for this policy. This will be divided in Software Product Development Fund(SPDF) and Research and Development Fund. Rs. 500 crores will be given for Research and Development Fund and Rs. 1000 crores will be given to SPDF.

The National Policy on Software Products - 2019 aims to align with the other Government initiatives like Start-up India, Make in India, Digital India, Skill India. It aims to generate Indian Software Product Industry of 70-80 billions dollars by 2025.
 In the future, policy proposes to invest fund of Rs. 5000 crores with industry participation. In this investment, the government investment will be Rs. 1000 crores. This will promote the emerging technology such as Internet of Things, Big Data, Blockchain and robotics.

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