How to live Happily !!

We run behind happiness and satisfaction with our own assumptions and everytime gets hurt. This is because we have not thinked about what is actually happiness is. We have assumed that we already know what is the meaning of happiness, the meaning that other's are also believing in. So all are living with those same assumptions and are unhappy.
Our common assumption is 'Happiness is when we make others happy'. That is temporary because your happiness is now connetced with their happiness. If the thinking of the person to whom you want to make happy does not match to yours and you do something that they dont like, it will make them sad and in turn you will become unhappy. When you link your happiness to others be it  your family , loved ones, your children, it leads to unhappiness. When you make others happy, you fulfill their needs that increases their expectations, which is not possible to fullfill everytime. Dont take the responsibility of their happiness on yourself, just try to never hurt them or does not do anything that will make them unhappy.

"Needs can be fulfilled, but desires cannot be…………."-OSHO.

Try to look for happiness in yourselves. You are messed in your thoughts thinking too much about everything. Unhappiness lies in your thoughts only. We are living with the 'either-or' concepts. We assume that either involving yourself in something is happiness or detaching yourself from something is unhappiness. We never think may be involvement and detachment both can lead to happiness.

When do you feel happy, when you are thinking alone without involving yourself or when you are involved with someone and spend time with them ? Complete involvement will makes you happy. Involve yourself completely in whatever you do. Without involvement there is no life, no happiness. When you are not involved in your work, in your relationships, you are not happy.

Opposite to this is detachment. When you come out of this involvement state, like when you return from a trip where you were involved while enjoying the trip, you become unhappy while thinking of thode days, missing the fun today. You are ruining the present day which may be way more important and better than the passed memories. This will make you unhappy, it is important to detach yourself and make memories your second priority. The person who is involved completely in every aspects of life has memory as a secondary priority and enjoys the present moment.

Happiness is involving yourself completely in whatever you do and giving memories the secondary priority.

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