Have you heard about the cleanest river of the country !!

The situation of rivers in India is a matter of great concern and environmentalists believes that rivers in India are rapidly dying. Various NGOs are running programs to save rivers. Several projects have been brought by the government of India for the cleanliness of the rivers and millions of rupees are spent on the cleaning of the rivers every year, but we all know how these are at the grass root level in achieving success.

Between such worsening condition of the rivers in India, there is a river which sets an example to make the every river like it. Yes, we are talking about India's cleanest river whose water is so clean that you can easily see its bottom.  It is so clear that stone below looks like a crystal. There is no dust in it. It is called the cleanest river in the country. This river is named Umangot.

The river is situated in Meghalaya at a distance of 85 km from Shillong, which flows between the Dawki town of East Jaintia Hills district near the India-Bangladesh border of the ancient tribes of the tribal communities living there that makes the river clean beyond our expectations. When you see from a distance it appears like the boat is floating in the air !!

As the river flows between India and Bangladesh, people from both country enjoys its clean water and fishing. It is a prime fishing spot for fishermen from nearby areas. It is not allowed for the Bangladesh fishermen to cross over the Indian side to catch fish and collect sand and stones. 
The Umangot flows through three villages- Daqi, Darang and Shenandanga. It is he responsibility of the people of these villages to maintain the  cleanliness of this river. The people here decides the number of days in a month to clean the river depending upon the weather and the number of tourists visiting the place. On this decided day, atleast one member of the each family has to come to clean the river. The penalty upto Rs. 5000 is charged if anyone found spreading dirt near the place.
The sight of the river is very beautiful. The tourists visiting this place feels that they are in the another world !!!

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