Habits to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

          ‘’An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away.’’

           Since childhood we all have heard,  But with the changing lifestyle that includes fast food, junk food like pizza, pasta, burger etc. it is not possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating just an apple a day.  To achieve fitness, we have to apply extra efforts. A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy .
   By following simple routine we can easily achieve healthy and fit lifestyle. For this you don’t need to necessarily go to gym and spend hours working out. The only thing is you have to be consistent.

Keep yourself hydrated :
        Stay hydrated by increasing your water consumption. Water not only helps keep you hydrated but also to loose weight. Water is a magical part of the earth that can clean toxins from the body, improves functioning of the brain, balance the body temperature and fluids. It is recommended to drink 3 -4 liter water per day.

Include Fruits and Green veggies to your diet :
       Vegetables like leafy green and fruits contains large amount of nutrients like vitamins, proteins, etc. that helps to boost your immune system to fight the diseases. Getting the right nutrition is the best way to keep your body healthy. In addition to this add green grams and lentils to your diet.
Walk more :
       Walk as much as you can in a day; that may include taking a 10 minute break at the office or choosing stairs over elevator. It helps to increase the blood flow and releases hormones that manages stress. It also helps to burn out the calories. Cycling is the another option, you can use bicycle instead of a vehicle to your workplace or nearby place.

Don’t skip your Breakfast/ Meal
        If you skip your meal you will feel more hungry that you will eat more later on. This will increase the calories which ultimately increase your weight.  It is observed that people who skip breakfast have more weight than those who don’t.

Have Ample Sleep :     
      Make sure that you have atleast 7 hours of sleep per night and the recommended amount of sleep is 8 hours for people between 18 to 21 years and 7 hours per night for adults over 21 years of age.

 De-stress yourself :
        Do not only focus on the physical, health mental health also plays a vital role in staying healthy. If your thoughts are negative towards other person then it will cause unhappiness at the work station, social life, etc. You can release stress by having Exercise, Zumba sessions, Meditation, Yoga , etc. It releases the negative energy out of your body and distresses you.

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  1. thanks for this great and helpful article , i am surfing weakness day by day my weight gown down , my pulse rate 120 , cholesterol is high . what should do for better health


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