Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge: Google pays homage to German Chemist on his 225th birthday by Google Doodle

Google admired German analytical chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge on friday February 8, 2019 on the occasion of his 225th birthday. Runge was responsible for identifying caffeine. In the doodle, the chemical formula of caffeine - C8H10N402 is shown along with Runge taking a sip of coffee and a cat sitting beside him.
Runge began to conduct chemical experiments at a young age. He identified the pupil-dilating effects of belladonna  after he accidentally splashed a drop of the toxic perennial into his eye. Later on, in 1819, he demonstrated his discovery to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe at the University of Jena, who encouraged him to continue the research on coffee beans. A few months later, Runge identified caffeine as the active ingredient of coffee beans.

Runge was born in Hamburg, Germany on February 8, 1794. He had completed his doctorate degree from the University of Berlin. He also taught Chemistry at the University of Breslau till 1831. He also worked for a chemical company until 1852. Runge was the first to identify the first Coal tar dye(aniline blue). He was also responsible for inventing technique of paper chromatography. His contributions also include identifying quinine, a drug used to treat malaria.


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