Does your smartphone got confused while navigating? Do you know why?

You picked your smartphone to reach a destination but sometimes the smartphone got confused while showing you the direction and you think that your phone might not be working properly. This could not be the only reason, it might be because of the Earth's North Magnetic Pole which is shifting from its position. Earth’s north magnetic pole is moving quickly away from Canadian Artic towards Siberia.

The geographical north pole is fixed but the north magnetic pole- which was first discovered in 1831, changes based on the Earth's liquid core.The magnetic north pole is moving about 34 miles (55 kilometers) a year.

Your smartphone's application software uses the location of the phone from the GPS along with the angle between geometric north and magnetic north pole to calculate the direction of True North at your location. This application sofware uses the World Magnetic Model(WMM) which is a representation of the Earth's magnetic field that  helps your phone to navigate.

WMM is updated every 5 years. The most recent version of this model was updated in 2015 and was scheduled to next update in 2020. National Center for Environmental Information(NCEI) recently revealed that the past estimates are no longer accurate enough for precise navigation so they have to make changes in the model now. Due to this inaccuracy smartphone's navigation sometimes does not navigate properly. Maintenance of accurate measurement is very  important because WMM is used by the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.K. Ministry of Defence, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and and smartphone technology, like Apple or Google Maps.

So next time when your phone's navigation is not working appropriately don't assume it only your phone's issue !!

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