Buying a new Smartphone ?? Check this before blindly purchasing the phone ..

Have you ever thought, the smartphone you use releases such harmful radiations that can harm your physical health !!!

While buying a new phone, we give so much importance to the look and the physical features of the smartphone that we forget to think about the effects that it has on our body due to the harmful radiations it emits. The radiations released from the smartphones can have dangerous effect on our physical health. The radiations emitted is measured in Specific absorption rate (SAR). The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection known as Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BFS) is the organization, established in 1989, that keeps track of the radiations emitted from the old and the new smartphones. BFS recently released a report with the smartphones having the highest levels of radiations. The report consists of the record of all the phones released as of December 10, 2018.

In India, the acceptable value of SAR for new mobile handset is 1.6 W/kg(Watts per Kilogram) and for existing handset 2.0 W/kg. The SAR value can be obtained from the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) display. You can also find the SAR value of the smartphone on the companies website or the other websites that collet the SAR valuea of different  phones. You can also refer the user guide provided with every smartphone. One more way to check the SAR value is by dialing USSD code *#07# from the keypad of the phone.

"Its better late than early.."

So while buying a new handset first check the value of radiation it emits. Include SAR value among with other parameters in your checklist for features of the smartphones.

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