Be Alert !! Are you using this App ?? This can empty your bank account..!!!

    The Reserve Bank of India has issued a warning on Thursday, February 14, 2019, against the new hacking technique that the hackers are using to empty the bank accounts. The cyber security and IT examination cell of the central bank said that the hackers are tempting people by downloading the application called 'Anydesk' from App store or playstore.

  Anydesk is freely available on playstore. Through this app they gain access to the bank account and different e-wallets of the user linked to the mobile phone and steal their money.

   Anydesk is a remote desktop application that is used to connect to a computer or mobile phone remotely. This helps the user to fastly connect to the other device located in some other location.

   Hackers first ask the user to download the application from the palystore or the App store. While installing the application, app seeks permissions to access the data on the mobile phone like any other application. Once the user gives the access, the hacker asks to give the nine-digit code generated by the application. Once the hacker gets the code, it uses that to gain access to the data of the user's mobile phone. Using these information's, they empties the user's bank account via other payment apps through UPI and e-wallets.        

    Prior to this, RBI has also issued an alert on January 10, 2019 issued by National Payments Commission of India (NPCI) for the fraud transactions through Unified Payment Interface(UPI). They said they have observed the number of fraud cases are rising using UPI platform.

    So if you receive any such message or notification on your mobile phone, don't download such applications and don't share any information with anybody to avoid yourself falling prey to such fraudulent offense.

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